Welcome to the
Maryland Academy of Audiology

The planning of this secretive project has been underway since the Spring of 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, the MAA Board of Directors knew we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the convention in the Fall. With the additional time we gained, we decided it was time to remodel our website. And so, the Website Improvement Committee (WIC) was born! The MAA WIC spent hours updating content, removing outdated information, automating membership renewals/reminders, and brainstorming new ways to support our members through this digital platform.

We could not have completed this project without some integral entities on our team. We are grateful for the MAA members on the WIC who donated so much of their time (Drs. Sofia Roller, Katelyn Leitner, Allison McGrath, Therese Walden, and Alicia Spoor). We appreciate the last 16 years of dedicated service from our webmaster Lee Leibner. We would like to thank the team at AMF Creative for listening to our goals, helping us develop our vision, and providing the tools to achieve them. AMF Creative gave us a fresh new look by rebranding our logo and producing this new website that our members deserve. Finally, we are proud to say that our website remodel was sponsored by vendors that not only support and serve audiologists nationwide, but have also consistently supported our state academy and annual convention every year. Please join us in thanking Signia and GN Resound for funding this immense project for us at the premium sponsorship level! With the loss of funding that we would’ve gained from our canceled 2020 convention, combined with the significant cost of paying our exceptional lobbyists to draft and introduce new legislation, every dollar that we can save from these sponsorships is incredibly paramount. Please show your appreciation to these partners any chance that you get!

The Maryland Academy of Audiology is a professional society of audiologists, practicing in a variety of environments, who are dedicated to serving individuals with hearing and balance disorders. 

The MAA enhances the ability of members to achieve career and practice objectives by fostering professional autonomy, providing quality continuing education, and increasing public awareness of hearing and balance disorders and the value of audiological services.