In April, we highlighted the audiologic testing requirement to fit a hearing aid in the state of Maryland. (See Chapter 8, Section .08 ,for more information.) This month is the first of two months/email related to the hearing aid fitting receipt requirements. Per Section 2, 314.8 each hearing aid sale requires a fitting receipt with specific required information:

  • Name and address of the place of business
  • License number of the audiologist
  • Make, model, and serial number of the hearing aid
  • Notice if the hearing aid is used or reconditioned
  • Amount charged for the hearing aid
  • Total refundable amount of the hearing aid if it is returned within 30 days
  • Signature of the audiologist

MAA does not offer or sell hearing aid fitting receipts. A practice can create their own with the required information or find templates to customize from national associations.

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