Mission Statement

The Maryland Academy of Audiology is a professional society of audiologists, practicing in a variety of environments, who are dedicated to serving individuals with hearing and balance disorders. 

The MAA enhances the ability of members to achieve career and practice objectives by fostering professional autonomy, providing quality continuing education, and increasing public awareness of hearing and balance disorders and the value of audiological services.

Goals of the Maryland
Academy of Audiology

For audiologists to be recognized as the primary providers of hearing and balance health care and comprehensive audiological services; for the public to have unlimited access to these services.

For audiologists to be recognized as autonomous professionals. As a result, audiologists will receive appropriate and independent reimbursement for their services, and are positioned to effectively respond to changes in health care economics.

To provide its members venues for dissemination of current research in audiology and information about the delivery of audiological services.

To provide a voice to the members of the MAA in legislative and regulatory issues that impact the practice of audiology.

To act as an advocate for the rights and protection of all individuals in Maryland who seek hearing and balance health care products and services.