Tip of the Month

As part of your Maryland Academy of Audiology (MAA) membership, a monthly email blast will be sent from the Legislative Chair about specific legislative topics that apply to audiologists licensed in the state of Maryland. The information provided in these emails will also be posted in the Members-Only section of the MAA Member Portal (you must be logged in and an active member to view the tips). This information does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available in this email are for general informational purposes only. Please refrain from sharing this information in public domains (e.g. Facebook feeds) as it devalues the MAA membership. Rather, encourage colleagues and friends to join MAA.

Past Tip Topics:

October, 2020: Displaying License

September, 2020: State Licensure Compact

August, 2020: Hearing Aid Return Period

July, 2020: Receipts for Hearing Aids, Part II

June, 2020: Receipts for Hearing Aids

May 2020: Continuing Education Requirements

April, 2020: Requirements to Fit a Hearing Aid

March, 2020: Telehealth

February, 2020: State Tax

January, 2020: Medical Waiver Requirement